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          How I Felt after Seeing the Movie Charlotte’s Web

          [日期:2015-04-13] 來源:國際班  作者:張如霜 [字體: ]

          I am moved by the film after seeing it. It is about how a spider helps her friend—a spring pig, go through Christmas.

          The friendship between them is enviable. It started in a very interesting way. Wilbur is new on the farm, nobody wants to talk to him because they all think pigs are stupid. Charlotte is the only one that wants to talk to him, even though it’s just a simple goodnight. After a few more talks, they become good friends. What’s more, they become true friend the moment Charlotte decided to help the spring pig to see the first snow in winter. In fact, he did see the first snow on Christmas Eve. And the snow was like Charlotte’s gift from heaven.

           It’s hard to believe that even among animals, there is a pure and true friendship. I still remember Charlotte’s word to Wilbur before she died: Don’t you know what you have already done? You made me your friend and in doing so, you made a spider beautiful to everyone in that barn. It is such simple word, but deeply describes the great of friendship and let people moved. Perhaps this is not a very exciting or the splendid story, but it uses the plain words to tell an extraordinary friendship. If you pay more attention to the movie, it also tells people to hold positive attitude toward the life and death. Like Charlotte said: We’re born, we live, and when our time comes, we die. It’s just a natural cycle.


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