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          We Visited Jun Lebao

          [日期:2015-04-17] 來源:國際處  作者:張如霜 [字體: ]

          We visited Junlebao-a yogurt factory on the afternoon of April,13th.

          First, we watched a sand painting performance about the history of yogurt on a screen. To my surprise, in Bible, Jesus also tasted yogurt and thought it was good. In addition, it also appeared in Chinese ancient stories. It was said that in Tang dynasty, princess Wencheng got sick on the way to Tibet, where she would get married to the emperor. The local shephers offered her a lot of fresh yogurt and she got recovered soon. The princess named the yogurt snow, which is now a festival in Tibet.

          Then we went to factory which produce yogurt. I have never seen that before except on TV commercials. I saw giant sugar and cream cans.

          I think this is really a fin trip and I enjoyed myself very much.



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